J.S. Bach: St Matthew Passion

23 November 2013, Durham Cathedral


Nicholas Hurndall Smith (Evangelist)
Richard Strivens (Christus)
Soprano: Camilla Harris,  Alys Roberts, Elen Lloyd Roberts
Mezzo soprano: Charlotte Heslop, Polly Leech, Sarah Ryan  
Tenor: Alex Banfield, Simon Lee
Bass: Ben Craw, Ben Rowarth


Orchestra I
Violin 1 (leader): Caroline Balding
Violin 1: Diane Moore
Violin 2: Judith van Ingen
Viola: Alistair Vennart
Cello: (continuo) Deborah Thorne
Cello: Rachel Gray
Double Bass: Mike Escreet
Theorbo: Hector Sequera
Flute 1: Edwina Smith
Flute 2: Sarah McNulty
Oboe 1: Mark Baigent
Oboe 2: Cait Walker
Bassoon: Inga Klaucke
Organ: Francesca Massey

Orchestra II
Violin 1 (leader): Oliver Webber
Violin 1: Lucy Cowan
Violin 2: Ken Mitchell
Viola: Fiona Allinson
Cello: Sam Stadler
Viola da Gamba: Susanna Pell
Flute 1: Mary Tyers
Flute 2: Emma Halnan
Oboe 1: Jane Downer
Oboe 2: Laura Ashton

Thank you to everyone who helped make our St Matthew Passion such a memorable evening: the staff at Durham Cathedral; our orchestra and the hard-working continuo team Deborah, Francesca and Hector; Nick, our Evangelist, and Richard (Christus); Edwin and Jessica Holmes and their choir from Durham Johnston School; our aria soloists, Alex, Alys, Ben C, Ben R, Camilla, Charlotte, Elen, Polly, Sarah and Simon; and Julian and Miranda Wright for coaching the aria soloists.

Financial support
We are very grateful to the following organisations for their generous financial support for this concert and our ongoing work. The grants we receive help us to put on high quality performances whilst keeping ticket prices down. Financial assistance also benefits our young soloists by giving them a rare opportunity, at the start of their careers, to perform with top period instrument specialists, and to receive coaching and support from experienced professional singers.
County Durham Community Foundation
Sir James Knott Trust
St James’s Place